MH Stories 2: How to get more bottle caps

How to get more bottle caps (without using tickets)

  1. Complete all stories quests

  2. Upgrade Kin Stone Lv to ★9 by completing 3 subquests from this Clerk (Lulucion)

    Slay Pink Rathian, Azure Rathalos and Silverwind Nargacuga

  3. Own a Nargacuga.

    So you can use “Stealth” during a quest.

  4. Create a “(Slay) Silverwind Nargacuga” in Co-Op Quests with “Nargacuga”

    Quest board > Multiplayer > Local Play > Co-Op Quests > “(Slay) Silverwind Nargacuga”

  5. Collect all boxes without fighting any monsters under “Stealth”.

    After collected all boxes, open menu and return to lobby.
    You can collect around 20 bottle caps in one quest.